The idea for The Gift Goddess was born after realizing how much time I was spending trying to find just the right gift for all the events happening in my life. Three active kids, a large extended family and a fun neighborhood means someone was always throwing a party or celebrating!  All too often, I was running out for a gift card at the last minute or stressing about what to bring to the hostess. 

There are so many reasons to celebrate, but we don't always have lots of time to put together a gift for that special moment.  Our gift boxes are gorgeously presented and are designed based on themes to match the interests of your gift recipient or the occasion they are celebrating.  Maybe you aren't celebrating, but want to lift up the spirits of a friend that needs encouragement? We've got solutions for that too.  Each box is carefully curated with items reflecting the theme and from brands I know and trust.  Check out the online shop or contact me at to chat about how I can help you look like a gifting genius!

A little more about me.. my passion for gifting started when I got my first job at a party and gift shop in high school.  I love to travel and have had lived in 4 different countries abroad.  I am now happily based back in my hometown in Florida where morning beach walks help fuel my creative endeavors.  I am a CPA and have "retired" from a career in banking to spend more time with my family and fulfill my dream of owning my own business.  I spend most of my hours outside of gifting at my kids’ school or the baseball fields.  Thanks for checking out my site!